Get to Know the Women in Our Team 

In support of International Women’s Day, we encourage positive visibility of women and aim to show how balance really is better.

To do so, we profile some of the amazing women who make our work at Allard Bailey Family Law possible, following a day in each of their lives.

This series will provide a unique insight into the cases they are working on and the approach they take to help our clients.

Allard Bailey Family Law was founded by Louise Allard and Sabrina Bailey in 2016, with the ethos of empowering people through flexibility.

As a firm, we employ a range of agile working practices to enable our colleagues to have balance in their lives, whilst providing a high level service to our clients.

Aswini Puvitharan
Consultant Solicitor
Louise Allard
Joint Managing Partner
Sabrina Bailey
Joint Managing Partner
Louise Poulton
Victoria Oya
Jennifer Granby
Siobhan Lomasney
Effiyenia Liassides
Fiona Davenport
Senior Consultant Solicitor