December 2, 2020

Allard Bailey Launches New Technology To Help Clients

Allard Bailey Family Law is one of the first UK law firms to adopt Settify, an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to interact with clients in real time.

Settify allows clients to outline their matter and provide their relationship history via their phone, tablet or computer and immediately receive free personalised guidance.

The partnership ties in perfectly with Allard Bailey’s fresh, modern and flexible approach to deliver a sophisticated service and real value for clients.

Sabrina Bailey, a Director of Allard Bailey Family Law who customised Settify for the firm, said:

“We are committed to delivering a truly flexible service that meets the needs of our busy clients. Introducing Settify is an exciting development as it ensures that clients get the most out of their initial consultation, whilst keeping their costs down.”

Created by family lawyers and launched in Australia in 2017, Settify has won several awards for innovation. It has been adopted by more than 120 Australian firms since its inception, including most of the independently ranked ‘top tier’ and ‘pre-eminent’ family law practices. The platform launched in the UK in October 2018 and has already been adopted by some of the UK’s most well-regarded family lawyers. According to Settify’s CEO, Max Paterson:

“We are witnessing a shift in the attitudes and preferences of modern family law clients. They are increasingly used to getting things done online. Clients will choose firms that harness technology to provide a seamless experience, and embrace effective, efficient ways to progress their best interests. We’re proud to work with Allard Bailey, a firm which is breaking the mould to deliver that kind of true value to clients.”