Siobhan specialises in family law, civil litigation and probate disputes for high-net-worth individuals, their spouses and families.  Many of her cases have an international dimension and arise from disputes where there is fraud or deception often within a family or between close business associates or partnerships.

Siobhan’s family law expertise includes divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships, matrimonial finance claims and disputes between unmarried couples.  She brings a commercial approach and forensic eye to disputes involving worldwide assets, trusts and cases of non or incomplete financial disclosure.  She has an excellent record of resolving complex parental disagreements involving contact with and care of children, including applications to remove children from the jurisdiction.

Siobhan is a skilled litigator with extensive knowledge of civil fraud recovery, including international freezing orders, and a niche expertise in Spanish property-based fraud.  She has had considerable success challenging wills and helping clients to make claims against high value estates. 

Her broad experience also enables her to help victims of harassment and stalking, including those who are being targeted across multiple jurisdictions.

Many of Siobhan’s clients have a public profile and favour the privacy of Arbitration and other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  She will actively pursue those who do not co-operate with the legal process.

Some Notable Cases Include

Confidentiality and discretion are paramount to Siobhan’s most notable clients, so she does not discuss them.  Cases she can refer to include:

  • Representing a UK citizen following the breakdown of his civil partnership to an Australian national, which included acting to prevent the disposal of the former matrimonial home and involved the Supreme Court in Australia.
  • Acting for the wife in divorce proceedings involving valuable and complex shareholdings. The wife received the full value of her shareholding and a substantial share of other assets.
  • Acting for the husband of a high-net-worth spouse in a difficult jurisdiction dispute and investigation of multiple worldwide assets. Successfully establishing jurisdiction of England and Wales at both High Court and Court of Appeal level and opposing a referral on to the European Court of Justice.
  • Successfully challenging divorce jurisdiction for a high-net-worth husband from the Middle East, which resulted in proceedings being dismissed in this jurisdiction.
  • Obtaining leave to remove permission from the court enabling a mother to permanently relocate to Europe with her child.
  • Successfully challenging a Will relating to a high-net-worth estate on the grounds of a technical defect connected to the circumstances in which the Will was witnessed.
  • Advising a US citizen in a substantial fraud recovery matter and in a related claim against a UK private bank that had released funds to a fraudster and achieving a substantial settlement.
  • Acting for high-profile individuals in respect of harassment by a US citizen across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Successfully challenging the appointment of an Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney and obtaining a judgment in excess of £1 million against the former Attorney to recover money and assets wrongfully removed from the estate of the Donor.

A Little More About Siobhan

Siobhan has practiced family law for many years and has been recognised in Legal 500 for her “excellent client engagement”. 

She splits her time between London, Brighton and Spain, where she assists UK expatriates with fraud recovery and family law issues.  

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