Children Law & Contact Disputes

When relationships between parents break down disagreements often arise as to the arrangements for the children of the family. We have experience in helping parents to reach an agreement on where children should live and who they should spend time with.

If an agreement cannot be reached then it is open to either parent to make an application to the Court. In most circumstances you will be expected to have attended a mediation appointment before making an application to the Court.

We offer a fixed-fee service and can assist with all stages, including making a mediation referral for our clients. Some of these areas include:

Child Arrangements Order

Courts can make a Child Arrangements Order to set out where a child should live and who they spend time with. This replaces the previous custody, residence, contact and access orders. 

Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility is the term used to describe the rights and responsibilities that parents have in relation to their children. A mother will always have parental responsibility. A father will automatically have parental responsibility if the parents are married when the child is born or if they are both named on the birth certificate (after 1st December 2003). Parental Responsibility can also be acquired if the parents sign an agreement or it is granted by the Court.

Specific Issue Order

Parties can apply to the Court to decide on a specific issue, for example what school a child should attend or whether they should have certain medical treatment.

Prohibited Steps Order

It is also possible to apply to the Court for an Order preventing a parent from carrying out a particular act or course of action, for example removing a child from the jurisdiction without consent.

Legal Advice

For further advice on any child law and child custody matters, please contact Louise Allard or Sabrina Bailey through the online enquiry form or telephone 020 7993 2936.

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