Domestic Abuse

Violence, or even the threat of violence, between relatives or people in a relationship is called domestic violence or domestic abuse.

It can happen to people from all walks of life and is often hidden.

We understand that domestic abuse can be difficult to talk about and many of those experiencing domestic abuse have a genuine fear that they will not be believed.

We advise men and woman, rich and poor, gay and straight, young and old in relation to these issues with empathetic but practical proposals for resolving issues.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is not just physical abuse, it includes emotional abuse, intimidation, financial control, coercive control, stalking and sexual abuse.  You do not have to live with a person to experience domestic abuse. Domestic abuse does not just affect the parties involved, it will often affect children of the relationship and impact on wider family relationships and friendships.

What can I do?

Telling someone is the first step. We can advise you on how to protect yourself and any children. **If you or someone you know is in immediate danger call 999.**

It may be appropriate to make an application to the court for a Non-Molestation Order or an Occupation Order to remove your abuser from your home.

Depending on the level of abuse and the risk to the individual, it may or may not be appropriate to give notice to the other party of you intention to apply for an order.

Additional information on domestic abuse support and resources is available here.

Legal Advice

For further advice on protecting yourself from domestic abuse, please contact Louise Allard or Sabrina Bailey on 020 7993 2936.  If you are unable to make a private phone call you can email or complete the Contact Form.

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