LGBT Family Law

At Allard Bailey Family Law we assist LGBT+ couples, individuals and families with a range of personal legal issues.

During their happiest times, we assist couples who are moving in together with drafting cohabitation agreements, sometimes called living together agreements.  We also advise on pre-civil partnership agreements and nuptial agreements for couples who are taking the exciting step of formalising their relationships.

Through the harder times of separationdissolution of civil partnerships and divorce we can assist you to move forward with dignity and respect.

Although same-sex couples now enjoy the same rights as everyone else when it comes to relationships, starting a family has its own set of challenges.  We enjoy working with people at all stages of the parenting journey and can assist you with preconception agreementsadoption and surrogacy, including those starting a three-parent family.

Supporting LGBT+ Parents by Challenging Opinions

Despite the progress that has been made for the LGBT+ community in recent years, it is a sad fact that many people still view same-sex parenting with suspicion.   We know the stigma surrounding LGBT+ families is unfounded, so we produced a video with Stephen Fry’s educational platform Pindex to challenge negative opinions with facts and common sense.

“We need to challenge the misconception that somehow being raised by same-sex parents is second best. Research clearly shows that children of same-sex couples are often happier and healthier, even when social and economic advantages were taken into account.  What matters for a child’s outcome is a loving and supporting home life.” Louise Allard, Managing Partner