Dissolution Of Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership is a legal union between two people giving them similar rights and responsibilities to each other as married couples, but without any religious connotation.

As couples in civil partnerships enjoy similar rights to married couples, the process of ending a civil partnership is similar to ending a marriage.

Although the process is called a dissolution rather than divorce, you will still need to prove that your relationship has broken down irretrievably and your legal separation must be approved by the Courts.

What are the grounds for Dissolving a Civil Partnership?

If you have taken the difficult decision to end your civil partnership, you will be able to rely on a system of no fault dissolution. This removes the need to apportion blame for the breakdown of the civil partnership, and allows couples to make a joint application.

What is the Process?

You must have been in your civil partnership for at least a year before you can apply for a dissolution.

It is advisable to obtain legal advice to ensure that you meet the legal requirements and your documents are lodged correctly.

Legal advice can also prove invaluable when it comes to dividing your assets and resolving disputes about child arrangements.

Legal Advice

For further advice on dissolving a civil partnership, please contact Louise Allard or Sabrina Bailey on 020 7993 2936.

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