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Pragmatic and Open

Having gone through a very difficult separation and almost 2 years of trying to sort out financial and child matters with another set of solicitors it was Louise who finally draw my case to a successful close. She is very pragmatic and open, listens and understands the complexities that come with sorting out child arrangements especially with parties that can’t communicate properly or are in high conflict. When my case was due to be heard at court it was an extremely stressful time, and it was Louise who managed to explain all the options and give me proper and realistic advice. Not only that, she prepared the case at short notice, kept me informed (and calm!) and successfully negotiated with the other party the best outcome for me and my son. I can honestly say that her advice and actions have saved me months of further stress and court hearings and for that I will always be grateful.


Help and Support

Thank you once again for making the final hearing such a success and for your help and support along the way. I am so relieved and looking forward to finally moving on with my life. I cannot thank you enough, truly amazing lady.

Respondent in children proceedings

Go the Extra Mile for Clients

Allard Bailey is personable, reliable and willing to go the extra mile for clients by being available outside of the normal working hours, whereas other firms are still restrictive in their availability. Louise Allard is always available to speak with clients and assist in anyway she can. The lawyers respond in a timely fashion.

Legal 500 2022

Efficient, Transparent and Supportive

Allard Bailey was very efficient, transparent and supportive and clearly knew the ins and outs of the legal procedure. I felt that I was in very capable hands and was very pleased I had employed the team.

Legal 500 2021

Responsive Team

The ‘attentive and responsive team’ at Allard Bailey Family Law  ‘undertakes a high volume of HNW work – which is testament to its expertise’.

Legal 500 2023

One to Watch

Louise Poulton is one to watch, her command of her cases is impressive, she is diligent, hugely supportive and caring in respect of her clients and very easy to work with.

Legal 500 2023

Easy to Work With

[Jennifer is] ‘Very easy to work with and has a very good grasp of the issues and of the best way in which to present her clients’ arguments’.

Legal 500 2023

Cannot Recommend Highly Enough

I instructed Sabrina to undertake my divorce proceedings. Sabrina was diligent, prompt and came with a wealth of understanding and advice, making a period of transition in my life a lot smoother. Sabrina was reassuring to all of my questions and eased the worries I had. I cannot recommend highly enough.


Fair, Honest and Respectable

Once again I can’t say how thankful I am to Sabrina for believing in me and fighting my corner in a fair, honest and respectable manner. The last five years have been like a rollercoaster for me both mentally and emotionally. She gave me hope and kept me calm and reassured when I needed it the most. She should be proud of the business she has and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Applicant in financial proceedings

In Our Corner

You have been amazing Louise, thank you for your support and advice throughout this whole process. Having you in our corner at court really put us at ease… can’t thank you enough.

Applicant in children proceedings

Formidable, Knowledgeable yet Extremely Caring

Louise Allard was outstanding. She understood the issues very quickly and asked the right questions at the right time. She guided me and gave me the reassurance when needed. She was also forthright and pragmatic and pointed out when certain things were not possible. A formidable, knowledgeable yet extremely caring family lawyer.

Legal 500 2022

Better than the Most Famous City Firms

The lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable, quite possibly better than the most famous city firms. At the same time the lawyers take a very pragmatic approach, and keep costs down, which is all that a client could ask for.

Legal 500 2020

Stellar Individual

‘Louise Allard is a stellar individual, her work is at a high level and she is hugely proactive and effective on behalf of her clients. She is fantastic to work with, very collaborative and insightful with great knowledge of the law as well as how to strategise effectively’.

Legal 500 2023

Pragmatic and Sensible

‘Jennifer is pragmatic and sensible, whilst also being approachable and client-friendly.’

Legal 500 2023

Dogged Determination

Louise was brilliant and it was our mutual dogged determination and persistence which got the result our client hoped for. It was also down to a good assessment of the case and in no small part, the result was due to Louise’s exceptionally thorough work and presentation of the case in a way which had the Judge truly involved.

Neil Bullock (Barrister, Coram Chambers)

Empathy and Expert Knowledge

After 10 years of marriage I found myself in the position where I needed a lawyer and the work done by Louise Allard was excellent. She helped me navigate the legal landscape with empathy and expert knowledge, making a difficult situation as easy as it could be. I ended up with an outcome that left me able to move forward with the security I needed. I would like to thank her for all the hard work she put into my case.

Respondent in children act proceedings

No. 1 London firm

‘Louise Allard and Sabrina Bailey make up a stellar partnership in this boutique firm … providing all the skill and advice of a No. 1 London firm, at less cost and with a friendly, can-do attitude… The instructions are thorough and their case-conduct is flawless.’

Legal 500 2022

Specialist Family Firm

A specialist and boutique family law firm. The lawyers are extremely organised and attract high-quality work not through showy advertising or marketing strategies, but simply by being efficient and good at what they do.

Legal 500 2021

High Quality Advice

Most of the team has experience of working at well-known large City firms. The team gives really specialist, high quality advice and representation on a much more accessible / good value basis compared to ‘magic circle’-type firms.

Legal 500 2020

Combining Expertise with Kindness

The team of ‘very experienced female solicitors who combine expertise with kindness’ is co-led by Sabrina Bailey and Louise Allard.

Legal 500 2020

Excellent and Instinctive

About Louise Poulton ‘Her grasp of the nuances in a particular case are excellent and instinctive. The way she prepares cases makes it very easy to come in as counsel and do a great job. She is fantastic to work with’.

Legal 500 2023