Just like their parents, caregivers and supporters, children come in all shapes and sizes with their own set of challenges to face.  One thing they all have in common is that they thrive on love. 

At Allard Bailey Family Law, we thrive on helping families to form, grow and adapt to life's challenges. 

From traditional to blended and same-sex headed families, we advise parents and prospective parents who are married, living together and going it alone, as well as co-parents who share the care of their children.  We can and do help all members of the family, as well as non-related caregivers who are acting in the best interests of children. 

In all areas of child law, our mission is to find practical and realistic solutions so that children can be raised in a loving and supportive environment -  often against the odds and in difficult circumstances.  

Examples of Recent Cases

  • Advising on a complex international adoption and obtaining an Adoption Order for a single parent.
  • Representing a mother who lived in Spain and had to issue proceedings in this jurisdiction in order for her son to be provided for.
  • Representing a temporary foster carer who wanted to be joined as a party to care proceedings so that she could challenge the Local Authorities recommendation.
  • Gaining an order allowing a mother to relocate to New Zealand with her children.
  • Successfully challenging false allegations made against a father in Children Act Proceedings, which had led to him having no contact with his child, and securing a shared care arrangement.
  • Obtaining a Parental Order for the parents of a child born to a surrogate mother in USA.

Guiding Parents on their Journey

We work with Mums and Dads at all stages of the parenting journey, finding sensible solutions to even the most sensitive issues.


When you adopt a child, you become their legal parent, assuming all parental rights and responsibilities for them.  You will transform the child's life and they will transform yours.  

Adoption is a rewarding, but challenging journey that people start for many different reasons. For UK adoption you will receive support from the local authority but many people still require legal advice.  Learn more about UK and International Adoption here.


Surrogacy is becoming more common in UK, but there are strict rules that must be followed so it is advisable to seek guidance from a Surrogacy Solicitor before making any arrangements in this country or overseas.  Follow these links to learn more about Surrogacy and Surrogacy Agreements.


Co-parenting refers to the situation when two people or two couples work together to raise a child usually in one of two circumstances:

1.  Where parents were once romantically involved, but are able to move forward amicably and work together to put the needs of the child first.  This can be a delicate relationship and both the parents and child may benefit from agreeing a detailed Shared Care Agreement.

2. As a route to parenthood for parents who have never been romantically involved.  If you are considering this arrangement, we would always recommend that you enter into a Pre-Conception Agreement to ensure you are on the same page before a child is conceived.  Learn more here.

We advise parents at all stages of the co-parenting relationship, when things are going well and when there are disagreements that need to be handled with sensitivity.

Parallel Parenting

When parents separate there is often a lot of emotion, which makes it difficult to make joint decisions about children.

Parallel parenting  limits the parents' interactions, whilst enabling children to maintain a relationship with both.

Over time, many parents transition to a co-parenting relationship where there is more collaboration, but for others co-parenting will never be an option.

We assist many parents who need to limit or prevent direct contact between themselves and their child's other parent on a short or long-term basis. 

We can help you find workable solutions to all types of dispute and create robust Shared Care Agreements (sometimes known as Parenting Plans) which are in the best interests of your child.

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