October 5, 2020

Achieve Your Life Goals Series: Using the Law to Align Your Professional and Personal Ambitions

Speakers: Louise Allard and Sangeeta Rabadia

Hosted by: Fresh Business Thinking

Date: Tuesday 13th October 2020

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When you run a business there is always an overlap between your professional and personal life. To ensure you can realise your goals, it is important to understand how the decisions you make in your private life can impact your business interests and vice versa.

We specialise in helping entrepreneurs, directors and investors to protect their professional interests from personal life events, so they can achieve their lifetime ambitions and leave the legacy they intend. We also deal with the legal fall-out for those who do not take these steps.

This is the first in a three-part webinar series in which we look at how to legally align your professional and personal interests so that:

  • the value of your wealth is maximised
  • your business is protected from significant life events
  • you can achieve your ultimate life goals.

In the first webinar we will focus on how to grow efficiently and you will learn:

  • Whether the company structure you have in place will help or hinder your personal goals including enjoying life now or in retirement, creating a family business, leaving a personal legacy and charitable aims.
  • How to grow your business in a way that allows you to meet both your professional and personal ambitions.
  • How to structure your personal wealth to achieve your short, medium and long-term goals.
  • How to protect your long-term interests and those of your family, including vulnerable persons, using different legal tools.

In part 2, we will discuss the legal tools you can use to shield your business from the impact of personal life events such as unexpected incapacity, death, marriage and divorce.

In part 3, we will consider how your personal relationships can affect your business and how effective planning can minimise this.

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